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blue pyrokinesis

Blue Pyrokinesis Fire Manipulation

Blue Pyrokinesis Fire Manipulation

As you may or may not know, blue flames are among the hottest types of flames that exist. Like pyrokinesis users really needed the aid of hotter flames, right? Well, regardless of whether it may be neccessary or not for them to use, it is indeed possible for them to utilize blue flames in the same capacity as other flames. This makes it very difficult for any adversary to deal with such an opponent. In this article, we’ll ¬†go over some key blue fire manipulation techniques that can greatly benefit a blue pyrokinesis user.

Blue fire generation is a commonplace for these types of fire benders. Just as normal pyrokinesis users have no issue at all with generating, shaping, and manipulating yellow and orange flames, the blue pyrokinesis user shares this commonality.

Blue fire attacks are among the most popular types of blue flame techniques one can use. As you can imagine, unlike normal orange flames, using blue flames greatly increases the potency of their attacks. Emitting blue fire bolts and blue fire blasts allow the user to plummet their adversary with a barrage of blue flames. Only a select few amount of individuals seen in comics would be able to withstand such a beating.

Missile generation allows the user to create an actual missile made purely of blue fire. Talk about some serious destruction! Blue fire vision allows the blue pyrokinesis user to be able to emit blue fire directly from their eyes. And there’s also what’s called a scatter shot. With this blue pyrokinesis skill, the blue fire shot out eventually breaks up into several smaller flames which greatly increases the surface area of potential damage to be inflicted.

Another very interesting and rare type of skill is that of blue fire breathing. Just as the name implies, the user has the ability to attack their adversaries with very powerful blue flames in which they breath out. Depending on the power and quickness of the user, they can easily use this technique to their advantage to help them have the upper hand during combat.

Explosive blue fire manipulation allows the user to be able to make anything explode into a large blue fire. They can even make such blue fire explosions “time sensitive” to where they resemble a time bomb. This allows for a greater sneak attack ability which can greatly benefit the pyrokinesis user during combat. These types of pyrokinesis techniques are also called blue fire bombs.

Blue pyrokinesis fire manipulation is an extremely beneficial technique to have. It allows one to display the same ferocity that comes with typical pyrokinesis skills. However, with blue fire manipulation, the user is able to have a much greater advantage over their opponent due to the fact that blue flames are so much hotter and more powerful than orange or yellow flames.

Not all pyrokinesis users can fully utilize blue fire manipulation. This is very unfortunate as it would give them a staggering upper hand over their opponent due to their increased power.