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The Pyrokinesis Ability of Fire Regeneration

The Pyrokinesis Ability of Fire Regeneration

This pyrokinesis ability allows the user to be able to actually regenerate or heal oneself via the use of fire. Generally, the characters who use this type of pyrokinesis technique are made up primarily of fire. Nevertheless, this isn’t always the case. The individual may be an entity of any sort. As long as they possess pyrokinetic abilities, they should then have no problem exercising the ability of fire regeneration to help heal themselves.

Users who can exercise this technique display what’s called an increased regenerative healing factor. It is this that allows one to speed up their overall healing factor tenfold. Whether they are a being completely made of fire or they are in the form of a human entity, the individual rate at which they will be able to heal will increase insurmountably by using this skill. This can be utilized to help heal oneself during combat, to heal after some external explosion or fire, and so on and so forth.

As touched on earlier, they can not only heal from what would typically seem like permanent damage (e.g. burns), but they can do so as if it never even happened. The special thing about this pyrokinesis ability here is that the rate at which this is done is unbelievably fast. One can expect to completely heal themselves within seconds. Their individual speed or rate at which they can accomplish this goal will depend greatly on the severity of their damage, as well as their own power and ability to exercise the pyrokinesis skill itself.

Another notable usage of this unique technique is that of pain suppression. As you could probably imagine, getting one’s flesh burned can be extremely painful. Well, not for the pyrokinesis user who can display fire regeneration. They can get burned or torched and not feel a thing. This may not come as much surprise seeing as pyrokinesis users are in fact fire manipulators themselves. Nevertheless, this is a very useful technique for one to utilize.

Limb regrowth allows the user to be able to either reattach a lost limb or grow a new one entirely. This, in a sense it can allow the user to attain immortality. The ability to “grow” new limbs allows them to have an unimaginable upper hand over their opponent. Note, that this entire process is done via the use of fire manipulation. It takes this mental power for the pyrokinesis user to be able to manifest such an effort.

They can also increase their own durability or regenerate it back to where it once was if they happen to suffer from a severe injury. Increasing one’s durability can be the difference between a victory or a defeat. As you can imagine, this pyrokinesis technique can come in handy big time.

The pyrokinesis ability of fire regeneration is a pretty useful one to say the least. It’s biggest and most sought after attribute is that of its increased healing factor capability. This is probably the most important thing to know about this pyrokinetic technique.