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Pyrokinesis Dark Fire Manipulation

Pyrokinesis Dark Fire Manipulation

This pyrokinesis technique allots one to have the ability to control the dark side of fire. In essence, this means having complete control over the destructive potential that fire itself has within it. One can only manipulate dark fire by using it for destructive reasons. So, this is basically anything and everything that has to do with the negative aspects of fire. The user can exercise a plethora of different techniques while performing this skill. So, a pyrokinesis user who has this capability could use their power to generate or even enhance the darker side of fire. For example, let’s say that the pyrokinesis user is engaging in combat. They decide to use some detrimentally fatal fire combat techniques, but they don’t seem to be doing the trick. They can then use their power of dark fire manipulation to enhance the overall energy output given off by the darker side of fire to help them in their efforts.

The main thing that is so appealing about pyrokinesis dark fire manipulation is the fact that it increases the overall power of the user’s attack. This is why it is such a special pyrokinesis technique to use. Now, let’s get into the good stuff: Dark Fire Combat. This is where things get interesting.

Okay, first let’s start off by discussing what the pyrokinesis technique called dark fire aura is. This is the ability to surround oneself completely in dark fire. This can be used in a number of different ways. For one, it can be used as a way of showing off one’s strength and power. Think of how Black Goku (the evil version of Goku in Dragon Ball Super) emits an array of what looks like black fire around his body when powering up. This can also be a testament to one’s pyrokinetic power as well. Also, it can be a way for the user to gain more power.

Dark fire generation allows for virtually any type of weapon to be manifested. Just as with typical pyrokinesis, the user can generate virtually any tool, weapon, or device they wish. It is pretty much up to the imagination of the user. Nevertheless, whatever weapon or tool that the dark fire manipulator wields, it will be much more powerful than a typical yellow or orange fire attack. This has to do with the special nature of dark fire. It exemplifies the destructive nature of fire and all that it can do to destroy and incinerate.

Of course, such an impressive superpower does have its limitations. This pyrokinesis technique is vulnerable to hydrokinesis users who can manipulate holy water and/or pyrokinesis users who can manipulate white fire. These two examples seem pretty obvious when you think about them, right? Regardless, this still does not mean that the dark fire manipulator is powerless to these two different individuals. The fact remains that their ability to actually hinder or destroy a dark fire manipulator will depend on each individual’s power levels and their overall ability to utilize their skills, among other things.