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The Pyrokinesis Skill of Fire Empowerment

The Pyrokinesis Skill of Fire Empowerment

This pyrokinesis skill allows one to gain power from fire. This is a pretty common type of pyrokinesis power that can be seen with most users. They can become faster, stronger, quicker, more powerful, and even more durable. In short, They become all around better at their pyrokinesis skills. This is especially useful for them during combat or when increasing one’s ability becomes a necessity for their survival and/or overall well being.Exercising fire empowerment can allow the user to be virtually immortal. This is the case during the time that the pyrokinesis user is utilizing fire empowerment. They can become so powerful, have their abilities and characteristics become so heightened (e.g. healing factor, dexterity, etc.) that it may seem near impossible to stop them. This is the case with many different comic book characters that we can observe throughout the years.

Attaining a regenerative healing factor allows the pyrokinesis user to be able to heal from injury immensely faster than usual. This is a key defense mechanism that one can enjoy once exercising fire empowerment. In a nutshell, it allows the user to be able to recreate lost or damaged tissues. This is another reason as to how the pyrokinesis skill of fire empowerment can allow one to attain near or absolute immortality.

Self-power augmentation is among one of the main things to take away from the pyrokinesis skill of fire empowerment. This allows one to be able to self enhance their own abilities, powers, and levels of those powers. Depending on their own individual capability to exercise the technique of fire empowerment, they can attain near immortality.

Self-sustenance is another interesting characteristic that these types of pyrokinesis users can enjoy. This is the act of becoming less dependent on any kind of necessary activity that you would normally need to survive or remain healthy, like sleeping for instance. This all has to do with the fact that using fire empowerment will require enough energy and power within itself to make things like sleep and food not a necessity. One would in theory only need to rely on the fire power allotted to them via their fire empowerment efforts.

There are in fact some limitations to this pyrokinesis technique. The use of cryokinesis (ice manipulation) is one of the main types of powers that can counteract fire empowerment. Also, hydrokinesis (water manipulation) attacks can also rain on the pyrokinesis user’s efforts as well. And… speaking of rain, an atmokinesis user (weather manipulator) could also easily have a huge advantage over their pyrokinetic adversary for obvious reasons. Of course, the rate at which these things would be effective would depend on a plethora of different factors, such as power and ability for example.

So, as you can see, the pyrokinesis skill of fire empowerment has a lot of awesome characteristics to it. It can immensely increase one’s overall power, strength, speed, agility, quickness, dexterity, durability, and so on. This, in turn can allow one to attain near or absolute immortality. Regardless of some of this powers limitations, it seems like a pretty powerful and useful technique that can greatly benefit the pyrokinesis user exercising it.